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Multilingual voice-over services

At Alphatrad Denmark, professionals ensure your audio voice-over supports the languages of your choice, allowing you to operate on the international market without any language barriers.

We offer you voice recordings made with easily understandable accents, by professional male and female actors who are exclusively native speakers. Depending on your needs, we can handle voice-overs for advertising texts, multimedia products, professional voice messages, and interactive services in many languages.


Examples of multilingual voice-overs:

  • Voice recordings for PowerPoint presentations, websites, product presentation films, instruction videos
  • Voice messages: multilingual on-hold phone messages
  • Advertising (institutional films and marketing), games, software
  • Podcasts
  • Courses and training (e-Learning)
  • Audio guides, museum guides
  • Adaptation of texts according to time codes
  • Other services on request.


Thanks to the know-how of our professional translators and actors, we adapt to your needs and do everything possible to meet your requirements, guaranteeing you professional and quality voice-overs that accurately transmit every nuance and intonation. In this way, you will have audio content adapted to an international audience, while preserving your company's brand image.


Our voice-overs:


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