What does a professional translation cost?

Prices for translations into Danish and other languages

Prices quoted at professional translation agencies depend on several factors and can be somewhat confusing at first.

As a general rule, in most countries (e.g. Denmark, France or Spain), translation rates are usually calculated according to the number of words; page rates are less common, but are also valid.

In German-speaking countries, (i.e. Germany, Austria and Switzerland), translation rates are usually calculated according to lines or numbers of characters.

It is not that easy to compare translation prices, as the quality of the translation agency and the qualifications of the translators play a decisive role, and the degree of difficulty of the text or topic, the volume and, for example, a tight schedule must also be taken into account.

A cheap quote by a unprofessional translator can ultimately cost you twice or even three times more if the translation cannot be accepted because of a multitude of errors, and needs to be redone by a competent language expert.

The following price quotations are not binding and are only approximate, as they ultimately depend on various factors,such as the amount of text, your deadline, the degree of difficulty, or the need to translate into a rare language.

As a rule, we provide an exact cost estimate prior to the translation service; payment can then be made by bank transfer or credit card.


Prices for translations

The following shows our translation office’s price per word for each language:

  • English <> Danish: from 0,89 DKK / 0,12 € per word
  • German <> Danish: from 0,89 DKK / 0,12 € per word
  • English <> German: from 0,89 DKK / 0,12 € per word
  • English <> French: from 0,89 DKK / 0,12 € per word
  • English <> Spanish: from 0,75 DKK / 0,10 € per word
  • English <> Italian: from 0,75 DKK / 0,10 € per word
  • Other languages on request
  • Prices do not apply to certified translations

The minimum invoice amount is DKK 300/€ 40. Prices excl. tax.

Of course, we always try to be flexible and accommodate the needs of our customers.


For these and all other languages we will be happy to provide you with an individual and tailor-made quote.

We are able to offer translations in more than 100 languages, including Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish as well as Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

We are also able to respond to urgent deadline requests for translations; however, a corresponding surcharge is levied in this instance.

The processing of translations in DTP formats, e.g. InDesign or QuarkXPress, also involves additional costs.

For highly specialised translation services, e.g. medical, technical or legal, additional costs may also be incurred, especially if the texts are intended for publication and therefore need to be translated in a more specialised and audience-ready manner.

Our translation agency will be happy to provide you with detailed information and recommend an appropriate and practical approach for your individual needs.

Simply contact us by e-mail or via our online inquiry form!

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